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Tuesday, August 01, 2017
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a handy map to help you start the year!

Morning drop off
1. Parents with elementary students only will come to the front of the building and drop
your students off as usual. The only thing we are asking is that you pull your cars to the
end of the covered awning. This will allow us to unload many more cars at once.
2. Parents with both WES and WMS students will follow a new procedure. You will need
to drop your middle school student off first by entering the far right lane, then taking AN
immediate right next to WMS and drop your student off there. You will then exit
through the back parking lot of WMS and turn right back on to Taylor Street. You will
then be able to turn right onto the campus to drop your elementary student off in the
front of the building.
3. Parents with only WMS students will need to enter the second lane and drive to the
front of WMS to drop off your children.
4. Keep the left hand lane in front of WMS open for thru traffic only.
5. The parking lot between the two schools is reserved for staff parking only and is not a
thru street. The Manchester Police Department will be helping us with these issues in
the next few weeks.
6. Please see that your student is organized and ready for a quick drop off.
7. If you must park, please use the larger parking lot next to Taylor Street.

Afternoon pick up
1. If you have elementary students only, pick up your students at 2:45. Kindergarten, 1 st
grade, and siblings of kindergarten and 1 st graders will be picked up at the side entrance.
2 nd – 5 th grade students are to be picked up in front of the building at 2:45.
2. If you have both a WES and a WMS student, we are going to make a change due to WES
getting out 15 minutes prior to WMS. You will need to pick up your elementary student
at 2:45 at the designated area, exit the campus, and then drive around to pick up your
middle school student in front of WMS. Elementary school students will no longer be
held in the back circle area to wait for a WMS student to be picked up first.
3. Cars should not use the staff parking lot as a thru street between the two buildings.

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