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Graf, Johnathan Assistant Principal/ Boy's Soccer Coach
Miller, Julie Principal

Allen, Kathey 7th & 8th Grade Science
Baxter, Kinda 7th & 8th Grade RLA
Beaumont, Charles Project Flight
Burdine, Donna 6th Math & Science/Girl's Soccer Coach
Campbell, Tyrell 6th-8th Math
Dendy, Leanna Media Specialist
Dillehay, Glenn 7th & 8th Social Studies
Dobson, James 8th Grade Social Studies/ Cross Country
Dolack, Sharon 6th and 8th Grade Reading & Language Arts
Dyer, Chad Physical Education/ Head Football Coach
Eaton, Courtney 6th & 7th Grade Reading & Language Arts
Freeze, Laura 6th Science
Geary, Crissy School Counseling
Greer, Sarah Learning Lab/ Girls Weightlifting
Gribble, Clint 7th Grade Social Studies
Hereford, Dustin Baseball Coach
Holder, J RTI
Houck, Angela Physical Education/ Girl's Basketball Coach
Hunt, Stephanie Speech/ Language Therapist
Leonard, Teri 6th & 7th Grade Math
Lewis, Karen Speech & Theatre
Pannell, William Visual Art/ Boy's Basketball Coach
Partin, Betty 8th Grade Language Arts
Porter, Megan 7th Grade Science
Roorda, Douglas 8th Grade Science/ Golf Coach
Southard, Stacey Specialty (ELL)
Spangler, Landon Music
Sulkowski, Heather 7th Grade Math
Sullivan, Amanda 6th Grade RLA & Social Studeis/ Girl's Softball
Tobitt, Micayahn Special Education
Wainright, Karen 8th Grade Math
Winton, Justin 6th Grade Social Studies/Tennis Coach

Anderton, Kristy Instructional Assistant- RTI
Bradford, Ricky Custodian
Brown, Benton SRO
Clark, Amy Computer Lab Manager
Crites, Joyce Nurse
Eichel, Dione Instructional Assistant (CDC)
Farless, Tim Custodian
Fleenor, Pamela Bookkeeper and School Secretary
Forrester, Linda Cafeteria Worker
Harden, Becky Office Assistant
Hittson, Rebecca Cafeteria Worker
Jamison, Tricia Lab Manager
Metts, Mollie Instructional Assistant
Morris, Dereck Part-time Custodian
Platt, Sheri Cafeteria Manager
Rogers, Betty Cafeteria Worker
Scott, Diedra Instructional Assistant
Vaidya, Viren Instructional Assistant
White , Brandie Instructional Assistant
White, Shelbie Nutrition Field Specialist